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Transportation Management System
Offering a comprehensive logistics platform that gives you complete control over your business processes.
In the delivery industry, you need a transport system that simplifies logistics. We've got you covered, whether you're in charge of a few drivers or millions of deliveries across complex networks. Our sophisticated transport management system simplifies the process. Logistics, accounting, administration, and reporting are all available on the smartphone in your pocket.
Our enterprise-grade transport information management system will meet the needs of even the most demanding enterprises. Even if you live on the outskirts of town, it's still accessible and customizable. RAGOA ensures a smooth delivery no matter where you're going.
Transportation Management System Features
Browse through our diverse transportation management system features equipped to help you streamline your transport operations.
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Electronic Pod
Improve productivity and customer confidence by tracking deliveries online.
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Barcode Scanning
Better visibility comes from increased precision. It reduces stress and provides faster response times.
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Dispatch & Courier
You can benefit from our products in every aspect of your logistics sector, including specialized, urgent services and multi-carrier dispatch processes.
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Optimization of Routes
It saves time, money and gets your freight to its destination faster.
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Controller of Allocation
Know what has to be picked up and where the drivers are.
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GPS and Driver Tracking
Driver locations and delivery times are updated in real-time.
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Delivery Management
Organize the freight coming in from all sides.
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Multi-Location Support
It's powerful enough to manage multi-depot networks.
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Connections with On-Forwarders
Maintain control through increasing visibility. Extend your network's reach and visibility.
This is a must-have tool for anyone running a lucrative transportation and delivery company.
Do you want a full-featured transport information management system that streamlines your delivery operations? We've included scalable pricing and various modules to help you get started quickly. Save time, money, and get your freight to its destination faster.
The importance of transportation management system is rooted in need to consolidate orders to get the most out of your transportation budget. To fine-tune transportation planning, precisely forecast demand and cargo amounts.
Gain real-time visibility into global transportation and domestic shipping across all modes and industries by improving freight, fleet, and logistics management with the RAGOA transport
Portal for collaboration
Tendering for freight that is interactive
Transport and demand forecasting
Deployment options include both on-premises and in the cloud.
What We Can Provide
Performance Report Based on Data
  • End-to-end transportation movements should be planned
  • Analysis of Logistics Efficiency
  • End-to-end transportation movements should be planned.
Dispatch & Scheduling of Deliveries
  • Cost & Delivery Time Considerations in Automated Order Assignment
  • Order Allocation Should Be Optimized Based on Fleet Capacity and Service Time Constraints
Tracking & Visibility of Fleets
  • Calculation of Exact ETA
  • Real-time tracking and visibility of 3PL fleets are simple to integrate
Planning and Optimization of Routes
  • Increase truck utilization time and maximize ROI with real-time dynamic re-routing
  • Consider the shortest journey time as well as the cost of fuel
Allow RAGOA to assist you in developing a successful transportation strategy.
The benefits and hazards of evaluating a transportation management system (TMS) are well-understood by our team of transportation planning professionals. Allow us to choose and deploy the best transport system solution for your firm.

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